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  • "A City To Return To"

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2019

    Submitted by: Muna Ali

    University: University of Sheffield

    In short, three weeks flew by, but they were the best three weeks I could have asked for!

    Three weeks studying at Universidad de los Andes filled our mornings with lectures from professors, whose inspiring work analysing the conflict provided us great insight into the peace processes. And our afternoons took us on field visits to places like the United Nations Verification Mission and la Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz, or saw us in conversations with ex-combatants, victims and peace negotiators. We delved into numerous academic fields, from politics to international relations, economics, narcopolitics, environmental studies and more, to come away with an in-depth knowledge of the conflict and how Colombia came to pave its way to peace.

    And in these three weeks, Bogotá came to feel like home! This graffiti filled city showered us with delicious food, smooth Colombian coffee, warm, kind and friendly people, breathtaking views of the mountains and from the mountains, stunning views across the whole city... It is a city to return to, time and time again!
  • An Amazing Experience!

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2019

    Submitted by: Alice

    University: University of Bristol

    The Peacebuilding in Colombia Program was easily one of the most enriching and fulfilling experiences of my life, and was an opportunity that I will never forget. The course is perfectly designed to give students an understanding of the history of the Colombian conflict, peace negotiations and the challenges of building a lasting peace, and the program certainly succeeded in delivering this complex mission.

    In addition to informative lectures from world-class academics on topics as broad as drug policy, the impact of the conflict on children to the international dimension of the peace process, the program included field visits to governmental and cultural agents. These field visits included the Special Jurisdiction for Peace Office , the United Nations, and the Center for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation, and it was incredibly enriching to see the vital work of these bodies in real-life. The course emphasised our engagement and curiosity, and we were able to have emotional conversations with former FARC members and the RedePaz team, with these experiences being incredibly thought-provoking for all participants

    The program also has a fantastic social element, which really enables you to engage with the beautiful country of Colombia and its rich culture. From waterfall treks to football, the social calendar enhanced my experience and helped create lasting memories.

    The entire program was well supported by a friendly team of coordinators and staff, with their positive nature and enthusiasm transcending to participants.

    If you want to be intellectually and emotionally engaged with like-minded peers whilst experiencing the culture of an incredible country, then I really couldn't recommend the Peacebuilding in Colombia course enough. Thank you Red Tree Study!
  • Unforgettable experience in Medellín, Colombia

    Course: Urban Transformation in Colombia Year: 5

    Submitted by: Zhanet Mishineva

    University: Cardiff University

    The course in Medellin was simply incredible - a proof is that every time I get asked 'How was Colombia?', I start with a long happy sigh. I tell my friends and family stories of how we danced, we sang, we studied and we had so much fun.

    It is an amazing combination between a study course and a full immersion in Colombian culture for a short amount of time. We were there for only 2 weeks but it felt like months because of all the activities Red Tree Study had organised for us. The academic content and exercises were very interesting and challenging, making us think outside the box and approach our tasks differently. Lectures took place in the beautiful and green eco-friendly campus of UPB and were followed by field trips to various projects around the city every day. The professors gave us a perspective of the city from all sides - social, environmental and political while the community leaders helped us in understanding how the communities themselves have been the driving force in most cases due to their changed mentality.

    The social activities were so much fun - we learned how to dance salsa, we played a fun traditional Colombian game called tejo, we went on a chiva (party) bus and many more.

    The hotel we stayed at was nice and conveniently located close to the university, to many shops and places to eat. The Red Tree Study team also lived with us and was always there when we needed support.

    On this program I met some amazing people from all over the world as well as some lovely locals who I can’t wait to meet again! For me, it was hard to find the money for the course but it was worth every pound. I am forever grateful to Red Tree for this opportunity and the culturally enriching experience. I would definitely recommend the program to students wishing to learn about Urban Transformation in Colombia but also to anyone looking for an adventure in a new country.

    Video summary of our 2 weeks in Medellin and around:
  • Urban Transformation 2019

    Course: Urban Transformation in Colombia Year: 2019

    Submitted by: Sam Morley

    University: University of Sheffield

    I have been to many places in the world but I’ve never felt such a deep understanding and connection with a city as I have in Medellin. Every person you meet has been affected by the city’s extraordinary history and has a fascinating story to tell. Through the Red Tree Study programme, we were able to work and engage with local people to learn first-hand how the area has been transformed. It was amazing to watch as the residents could physically draw out on the map every invisible boundary which was once part of a violent territorial war. They would point to the places which were safe and the places they would never pass through for fear of being shot. They told us that every police officer had a price of a million pesos on his head and that the city lived in fear because of Pablo Escobar and the gangs. Medellin today is a very different place and I felt incredibly safe and welcomed both by the co-ordinators and the local people.

    I highly recommend the course to design students; the experience of studying abroad for me has been incredibly valuable because it is simply so different to working on studio projects in the UK. Firstly, it is a collaborative effort between students at different stages of their education, from different backgrounds and fields of study and so by studying the issues of Medellin holistically, we were able to have a much more productive conversation about the urban transformation. It also provides a real challenging perspective on what is actually achievable in urban design on the ground when you have to navigate social-political jigsaws. The city and course have reinvigorated me as a designer and inspired me to provoke more positive change.

    The academic content of the course was diverse and largely engaging, but ultimately it was the interaction with the city itself and the meticulous social calendar which made the two weeks so enriching. There is still some tweaking to be done to the schedule but as a pilot year for the programme, it was greatly successful.
  • Could not recommend enough!

    Course: Urban Transformation in Colombia Year: 2019

    Submitted by: Emma Pandian

    University: University of Cambridge

    The Urban Transformation course was such a wonderful experience - I went there not knowing what to expect, and after two weeks didn't want to leave Colombia! The course definitely fit a huge amount of academic material into two weeks, including internal and external lectures, site visits, as well as social activities basically every night. I really enjoyed how the classes were structured, linking topics in lectures in the morning to afternoon site visits, and also incorporating culture of the city throughout such as trying fruit at the traditional market, doing a social mapping workshop with the Comuna leaders and meeting a graffiti artist to hear about how he has helped transform his Barrio through art.

    The co-ordinators (Daniel and Juan) especially made us feel welcome, safe and part of a community - I felt that the group became really close, and evidence of that is in how we are all still meeting up around the world and planning future reunions! This course showed me that Medellín is a beautiful city, and the friendliness of the residents from the locals, to comuna leaders, to the lecturers, to the Red Tree Study staff, was what made it particularly special for me.

    If you're hesitating, please go for it - I'd say that the course is great value for money, I felt very safe, especially in Laureles where the accommodation and UPB are, and I had an unforgettable two weeks and met so many wonderful people along the way. Could not recommend this enough.
  • Peace by Piece

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2019

    Submitted by: Lenika Rivas

    University: Brown University

    As my summer in Bogotá, Colombia was about to begin, I remember worrying about who I was going to meet, what I was going to eat as a vegetarian and where I’d be staying. What I didn’t know was that I was about to have one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Not only did my worries about the other students, the food and my accommodation go away, I actually met some really amazing people, was surprised by the amount of vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the area and felt so welcomed and comfy in my stay.

    Apart from all the inspiring and clever students I was among, I also was taught by some of the most renowned professors in Latin America and abroad. Courses varied from Harvard Law professors who spoke to us about Women in the Armed Conflict and Transitional Justice to Conversations with Truth Commissioners at the Colombian Truth Commision.

    Coming to Colombia with little to almost no understanding of the Peace Process Colombia has been in for decades, I was astounded by the incredible work the people of Colombia have been putting in for Peace. Having the opportunity to visit the United Nation Verification Mission in Colombia (UNVM-C), the Colombian Agency for Reincorporation (ARN) and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) allowed me to see the effort the country is placing on a societal transition to peace. As one of our guest speakers put it, Colombia is working for Peace by Piece.

    Being able to learn about the people, culture and political situation of Colombia through a program like Red Tree Study’s Peacebuilding in Colombia was enriching on so many levels. Now not only do I know where to find the best arepas, nightclubs and hikes, but also the most unique Peace Process in the world.
  • You will never want to leave!

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2019

    Submitted by: Glenda

    University: Clemson University

    Hands down, one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. The course is meticulously designed to provide an extensive overview of the armed conflict, peace processes, and the challenges to peacebuilding in Colombia. The coordinators/leaders exude confidence, strength, and passion regarding the course which transcends to the students.

    If you want to be intellectually stimulated, emotionally engaged, and witness the world's most ambitious peace process in action-- this is the program for you! In addition to the academic benefits, the program wonderfully infuses social activities that allow you to experience Colombian culture to the fullest!

    Lastly, you will participate in the program alongside international students, all who have been carefully chosen and they will definitely enhance your personal experience. The program taught me so much but so did the incredibly intelligent students that were around me! Colombia provides you with an international perspective coupled with the worldly minds in the classroom!

    Once you step foot in Colombia and witness the intricacy of such a complex conflict with roots that go deeper than ever, you will question how you were not aware/involved sooner.

    Finally, you will have an ardent appreciation for the absolute hardest working peace process in the world today.
  • Public Health in Colombia

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Maria Jose Andrade

    University: Swarthmore College

    The Public Health in Colombia program was an incredibly insightful and overarching experience. Colombian history, its health care system, its ongoing struggles and social and political transitions are incredibly complex. But it is a hopeful and vibrant country, full with joyful people, beautiful art, and fascinating stories. The Public Health in Colombia program ensured that its participants see and experience both sides of this reality, all while providing a thorough and somewhat in-depth analysis of the health care system. The coordinators were wonderful and so were many of the professors that generously gave us both the polished and unpolished realities of the situations. I was thankful for this, as I was fearful that political correctness would swallow the truth of the actual conditions of the country and its people. I was also thankful for the effort of incorporating site visits with organizations to provide further insight into the logistics of the health system, although sometimes these proved to be repetitive and tangential. Nevertheless, Red Tree Study provided a wonderful experience through its Public Health in Colombia Program.
  • Unbelievably Amazing experience, don't let it pass you by!

    Course: Film Internships in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Paul Laukaitis

    University: Syracuse University

    After graduating from college I was looking for some way to gain professional experience while also not taking that miserable entry-level position (just yet). My school emailed me about RTS, and it was absolutely perfect. Don't get me wrong, I was anxious to get a job, and was still applying to many, but nothing good stuck, and it looked like RTS was not only the most fun-looking but the wisest decision for me as well. The application process was very personal and geared towards my own interests, and I ended up actually taking two 6 week internships because I wanted to try both post-production and development. They made it easy for me, and after sending them my resume and cover letters, I was all set. Not only did RTS help me find these internships, but they prepared them for me and gave me a clear idea of where I would be working, what I would be doing, and what I should know before I get there. It was perfect. I had interned in LA before, and this was completely different because it felt as if you almost had a little intern assistant helping you out, making sure you had the best, most full, experience as an intern.

    Outside of the internship, RTS was the best travel experience I've ever had. I was in a new world, meeting new people, and seeing new things, but I also felt comfortable and safe the entire time. Colombian people are extremely friendly, and the RTS coordinators are even more so. I'm very glad to call them my friends, I'll never forget the experience or the people!

    I highly recommend taking this opportunity, you will not regret it!
  • A Great Experience!!

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 1

    Submitted by: Jeffin Naduparambil

    University: Rutgers University

    Public Health in Colombia is a great program and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about taking part in it! The coordinators are extremely helpful and introduced us to much of Colombian culture. I was very apprehensive coming into an entirely new country and leaving my home country. There definitely was a little bit of a language barrier for me because I am not a native speaker, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My Spanish speaking definitely improved after my 4 weeks here. I learned so much from my peers and professors ranging from personal perspectives to Colombian culture and healthcare. I am sure the relationships I made in Colombia will last a lifetime.
  • Exceeded Expectations

    Course: Film Internships in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Truett Killian

    University: Tufts University

    I applied to Red Tree Study's film program around October when I saw a flier at my school. I had decided I wanted to go abroad several months earlier, and when I saw film internships abroad explicitly advertised for me I figured I might as well apply. My application went through quickly, and the communication throughout the process was wonderful. Once I was accepted, I weighed my offer against a couple other programs I had applied for. However, the other programs seemed to be about making a profit more than helping me as a student. Red Tree was great at not only helping me find an internship, but helping me find a company that suited what I was looking for. I found Red Tree's prices to be exceptional given that housing and essentially all logistical details (save airfare and food) were included. I decided to accept my offer. I was really only expecting Red Tree to be a safety net for me in Colombia, helping me figure out the country and culture but being hands off. I was quite surprised that the social planning put together by the coordinators was fun and malleable based on the feedback of my group. I found a real community with the other film students, and Red Tree was a huge part of my time being well spent in Colombia. The programming was also not overbearing, if I wasn't feeling up to an event there was never any pressure to go or do anything I didn't feel like. The coordinators were helpful and indelible to my experience in Bogotá, and I would really recomend this program to anybody who is looking for a film internship abroad. I also heard good things about their other programs from my friends, though I can only speak to my experience within the film program.
  • Public Health in Colombia 2018!

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Laura Miyares

    University: University of Pennsylvania

    This course was a very thorough introduction to public health in Colombia and was composed of morning lectures and afternoon site visits to places like the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, the National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, and so on. The coordinators were all wonderful and not only helpful in making sure the academics ran smoothly, but also organized fun social and cultural activities for all of us! The only complaint I have is that the site visits can repeat a lot of what morning lectures cover, and I would have preferred for the site visits to be more interactive. However, since this is the first year of the course, hopefully RTS will address this in future years! Overall, I totally recommend the course to those interested!
  • An enriching experience in Colombia

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Lizette Alondra Vargas

    University: Smith College

    Traveling abroad is an amazing experience, but Colombia was by far my favorite experience abroad. From our morning lectures and afternoon site visits (which, as previously mentioned, were often repetitive and difficult to engage with) to our social excursions through Red Tree Study, the past month was nothing short of enriching. Through Red Tree and Javeriana's interdisciplinary approach, we were able to learn about Colombia's public health system after the armed conflict that lasted 50 years. Our lecturers came from a variety of backgrounds and specialties and provided valuable insight regarding the Colombian public health system and history of the country.
    Overall, I had an amazing time in Colombia and I am very grateful to Red Tree Study for making this possible!
  • busy month in bogota!

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Chanel

    University: Columbia University

    I enjoyed my time in Colombia through Red Tree Study! Our days were divided into two sections: the morning were dedicated to lectures and afternoon to site visits. The morning lectures were packed with information and each lesson connected nicely to the next. We learned a lot about health law and policy (big emphasis on this), the health financial system, and the ways that Colombia's history and geography has affected the health of the population. The site visits involved visiting various health-related institutions. To echo the previous reviews, the site visits fell short of our expectations. We had hoped to tour the facilities and learn what the organization does to increase health care access across Colombia. Instead, the site visits were a time where these health institutions taught us what we were learning in the classroom. As this was the first summer the program was being held, I hope RTS will work this out! Otherwise, they do a great job of showing you around Bogota and ensuring a good time!
  • An extremely interesting course about armed conflict and peacebuilding

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Louise

    University: Uppsala University, Sweden

    This peacebuilding course is one of the most interesting, as well as intense, courses I have participated in. It included a perfect mixture of both lectures and field visits. We covered many different areas of the conflict, everything from the history and different causes to how we have to work to solve all the different consequences in the future. We have discussed the economic, social and political factors as well as many different perspectives and experiences. We have been visiting agencies, NGOs, victims and former fighters and child soldiers, members from the FARC political party and many others.
    The best thing with this course is that we have been able to talk and discuss with people from many different areas and with many different perspectives and opinions about the conflict. The stories and experiences we have been told is nothing we could have received from home or from studying the literature about this conflict. We have talked to people that usually don't take students or other people as visitors, and we have received first-hand information that we can use in our future studies and careers.
    The Red Tree Study staff has been extremely helpful and supportive during the course, and they made sure that we had many fun social activities to join after the studying, as well as helped us with anything we needed to feel satisfied and comfortable in Bogotá. I can definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in this conflict, who wants to experience a bit of Colombia and who wants to make new friends from all over the world!
  • An Introduction to Colombian Public Health

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Matthew Chakwin

    University: Georgetown University

    Public Health in Colombia was a great introduction to Colombia's public health. Its interdisciplinary approach allowed students to approach health through its numerous lenses and understand how complex a health system can be. Colombia is an incredible place to visit and study, especially at such a pivotal point in its history currently in regards to the current peace process. Besides the course, the program also incorporated afternoon site visits with organizations in Bogotá that had important roles in the country's healthcare. Although these site visits were designed to give students an insight into the specific challenges, interventions and roles of these organizations, many became repetitive of lecture content and strayed from conversation format. Regardless of these shortcomings, the course was an incredible and eye-opening introduction to the countries health.

    Red Tree Study was a great support system during our time in Bogotá, and it was great having such a knowledgeable group of locals to give us advice and information to fully immerse ourselves in Bogotá.
  • Brillaint time in Bogota :)

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Sabeera

    University: UCL

    This program has provided a brilliant start to my summer, it came complete with a vastly interesting academic side and also with such exciting social activities. Throughout the month I was able to learn about the different obstacles facing the healthcare system in a Colombian specific context and also consider how these issues varied across the country. We had the chance to learn abut historical knowledge, epidemiology and also mental health. The site visits in the afternoon provided a chance to get out of the classroom and meet key figures in healthcare in real life. The wide viewed approach kept things intriguing but sometimes felt very general. The staff and organisers are all exceptionally welcoming and provided for a really warm and enjoyable atmosphere during our time in the bustling ad beautiful city of Bogota. I was able to meet so many new intelligent and friendly individuals and am forever grateful to Red Tree for such a culturally enriching time! Definitely recommend :)
  • Visiting the "Brother Country"

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Andreina Thielen Martin

    University: Cornell University

    My experience in the Public Health in Colombia program was great. I learned a lot in the classroom and loved being able to visit locations and professionals in Bogota that are designated to conduct public health work for the city and nation. Because I was in the initial cohort, there were several issues related to the repetition of in-class materials. Unfortunately, the site visits were the biggest downfall for me because I was expecting to be able to see people "in action" in their job duties as public health professionals. Although we often did travel to these work sites, we often heard the morning lectures simply repeated. Otherwise, Red Tree Study organized wonderful afternoon activities and weekend cultural excursions, which I enjoyed very much because it allowed me to engage with the surrounding Colombian communities outside of the classroom context.
  • Academically and Culturally Rich Experience

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Abigail

    University: New York University

    Public Health in Colombia was a decision I will never regret. Before coming to the program I knew about Colombia; but I surely did not know about the conflict, peace agreement, health care system, and burden of disease. Now, thanks to PUJ and RTS coordinators I can proudly and with confidence say that I do know more about all the topics I mentioned before. I loved that the course was divided into 2 sessions: mornings and afternoons. During the mornings, we were lectured on the different and very interesting topics regarding the health of the country, its people, and the migration situation. During the afternoon, we went to governmental, non-governmental, and private institutions as examples of the morning topics. There we continued our discussions, learned about the institutions, and were able to participate in tours of the institutions. Most of the afternoon lectures where in Spanish (which was not a problem for me); however, an interpreter was provided for those students who needed a little bot more help with their Spanish.

    The non-academical, but equally cultural part of this summer program was also amazing. The RTS coordinator had activities planned almost every day. That must have been a lot of work and they still were very excited to provide us with all the fun we could ever had or asked for in Bogotá. I really appreciate this experience. Whoever is blessed with the acceptance into this program (with or without the scholarship) should take it. You will not regret it. One recommendation I should add, for you the student, is to try to buy or have a health insurance. The program runs from 3 weeks up to almost 2 months, depending on the program you are in. There is a good chance that you might get sick. RTS is very great; they will always keep an eye on you and even go with you and stay with you in the clinic/hospital. The coordinator are the best!! The real MVP!! Also, prepare for the weather, it may chance every 5 minutes. Besides these minor facts, this is an experience anyone with the opportunity must definitely take.

    Thanks, RTS!!!!

    - Abigail
  • Amazing experience

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Maria

    University: Vanderbilt University

    Studying public health in Colombia has been incredible. I love the way the course was set up, in that the afternoon site visits really complimented what we learned in class every morning. As an undergraduate student, the program provided a very broad and useful foundation for my future studies in public health. And, since the topics we covered varied so much, the course allowed me to discover where my passions lie in the field. I also liked the mix of undergraduate and graduate students in the program because it led to really interesting conversations with mixed points of view both during and after class. In addition to the social/cultural excursions we went on, I was able to explore the area we stayed in (La Candelaria) during my free time and I felt like I had really immersed myself completely in the culture.
    Overall, I had such a great time during my four weeks in Bogotá! I would highly recommend the program to anyone with an interest in public health.
  • amazing experience

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: nato

    University: syracuse university

    This was a really wonderful way to see the city of Bogota and learn about the academic side of health, trauma and conflict in Colombia. Extra curricular visits increased the fun and made the course even more great.
  • A New Experience

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Robin

    University: Vassar Coilege

    As a Latinx, low-income individual, I do feel very fortunate to do this program. But I do feel like I did not get exactly what I paid for. I did learn things about the culture, history, and the people of Colombia, but there did feel like there was a lack of support, the course was repetitive, and some problematic biases were present throughout the course and would never go challenged. I would recommend possible future participants to be weary of the program before paying for it. Also, to check what requirements you need to transfer credit and check if that aligns with the certificate of completion at the end of the program.
  • Can't Wait to Return!

    Course: Public Health in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Kelly

    University: Imperial College London

    I would recommend this course to anyone interested in public health in the Latin American context. The academic content is broad and ambitious; in four weeks we covered about 60 very complicated years of history, the healthcare system, disease burden, and challenges. Therefore, it is important to be willing to ask questions to direct discussion about more specific areas of interest. I think it also helps to have at least an intermediate level of Spanish language ability and a willingness to practice and improve. All of the site visits were in Spanish, and although we had a translator, I think some students missed information because of the language barrier. Spanish also helps when ordering food and getting around the city generally. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to return and explore other parts of the country!
  • Fantastic Introduction to Colombia and Its peace process

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Daniel Matthews

    University: University of Sheffield

    Reflecting on my recent time in Bogota during the Peacebuilding in Colombia course elicits a great sense of accomplishment and appreciation for what I have learnt about the complexities of building peace in conflict prone societies. Through its two-part structure consisting of morning lectures and afternoon field visits, the program was able to provide an excellent introduction to the dynamics and challenges that Colombia will face to create a sustaining peace. The quality of teaching was superb and carried out by very knowledgeable academics and practitioners so it felt identical to being in a university setting but much more fun!

    I was particularly impressed with how the course engages with all the major parties to the conflict including former guerrillas members from the FARC, ELN and EPN and ex-combatants from the paramilitary group AUC. I found this very interesting as I was able to learn about the different experiences of armed actors which gave me an insight into the social-psychological impact of the conflict and how it affects the day-to-day lives of people.

    More generally, studying abroad has given me the opportunity to develop a new language and learn about a different culture and the many fruits it brings. One key takeaway that will stick with me is how happy, friendly and resilient Colombian people are despite the hardship many have been through. This was a truly immersive experience which I throughly recommend to anyone interesting in peacebuilding, politics and history. However, it was taught In such a way that anyone, regardless of their background, would be absolutely fine even without prior knowledge of the subject area.
  • Useful, challenging, and unforgettable

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Carlos

    University: University of Sheffield

    I would like to start by saying that I am so glad that I took this opportunity, since I was very close to reject my place, but luckily I decided not to. During this course I have been able to learn a lot about the Colombian conflict and the sociopolitical situation of the country, topics I never had the chance to explore in depth before. In my opinion, one of the main strengths of this program is its combination of interdisciplinary lectures given by outstanding experts on the different dimensions of the conflict (history, economics, politics, gendered approach, etc) with field visits that enabled us to engage with the topics studied much more in depth, some of these places we visited were as distinguished as the JEP, the British embassy, or the UN office in Bogotá. This is especially convenient, for only the literature is sometimes not enough to fully understand the real dimension of the issue, but being able to interview directly many professionals that are constantly working on it helps a lot, as well as interviewing former combatants and FARC party members, thing that one is not allowed to do very often.

    On the other hand, the social aspects of the course were also very satisfactory. The activities suggested by the RTS team were always so fun, and gave me the opportunity to get to know some amazing people which whom I have shared unforgettable moments and experiences, and hopefully there are many more coming. The coordinators were always there for us when we needed them, at least in my personal experience, and were also so nice and close, almost like if they were one more of us. Overall, I am highly satisfied with every aspect of the program, and would definitely recommend it to anyone doubting whether to apply for it or not.
  • An amazing experience

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Katie

    University: University of Otago

    This course is absolutely amazing! It covers a wide range of topics from the role of women in the conflict to the economic aspect, all taught by experts in their fields. While the lectures are intensive they are all fascinating and vital for understanding the different elements of the conflict.

    The lectures were combined with site visits in the afternoons. We went to places such as the Victims Unit and JEP offices. These visits helped to shape a more rounded knowledge of the conflict as we could talk to the people directly involved in the day to day running of the peace process.

    Of course, there was also the cultural aspect of the trip which included activities such as learning to play Tejo or walking around the city during the graffiti tour. They helped to balance the rigorous academic aspect and added a more social element.

    Everyone at Red Tree Study was incredibly friendly and helped to make the experience ten times better. In the course, there was a wide mix of different people from all around the world, all with different academic backgrounds. This helped to make class discussions lively and engaging as everyone brought something distinctive to the table.

    Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Colombia and the Peacebuilding course. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested. It really is a life-changing experience!
  • Peacebuilding in Colombia

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Maria Camila Vargas

    University: Boston University

    This program combines unique lectures by world-renowned professors and field excursions with special cultural and social activities. The academics allow you to learn about the history of the conflict in Colombia and the process of obtaining peace in the country. The program is extremely interdisciplinary, allowing you to learn about economics, education, women's studies, all in relation to the Colombian armed conflict. This program has undoubtedly reassured my passion for Foreign Policy and Security and Latin American studies. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in pursuing Conflict Studies, International Relations, or Political Science.
  • memorable

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2

    Submitted by: saima bodiat

    University: univerity of leicster

    The course overall has been amazing, from the supportive co-ordinators to the expert academics have been wonderfully useful and beneficial in aiding my understating of the colombian armed conflict and Bogotá as a city. The services by Red Tree Study have been nothing short of exceptional, the supportive co-ordinators have been useful in aiding us understand the Colombian culture and the accommodation was also beyond satisfactory. If I were to change anything it would be the variety in vegetarian options that were available and perhaps have more social activities that were more catered around those who do not drink. Other than that my experience with Red Tree Study has been memorable. Both the academic content and sites visited were beneficial in my understanding of peace building and the armed conflict in Colombia, The content was delivered exceptionally well and the lectures ensured all of my questions were answered and I understood the content well. The program itself was taught well and advanced our theoretical, practical and social knowledge on the armed conflict as well as give us the chance to develop ourselves on a personal level, by way of introducing us to different perspectives and allowing us to converse and discuss topics with people from various different backgrounds. I would certainly recommend the course to other students in the future. The most valuable thing for me personally was the expansion of cultural knowledge I obtained whilst I spent 3 weeks in Colombia. Personally, I very much enjoyed the conversations we had with different people from various institutions as it gave me an insight into the ir different roles and their personal experiences and their different perspectives on both the conflict and post-conflict scenario.
  • The Many Faces of Colombia

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2

    Submitted by: Prisilla

    University: University of Leicester

    Studying in Colombia has been an experience that will never be forgotten. Being a part of the Public Health program with Red Tree study was extremely fun and enlightening. I was able to increase my independence of living alone in a foreign country, whilst learning about the complex and touching history of Colombia every.

    In addition to our Peacebuildng program, the Red Tree Study planned amazing excursions that allowed us to interact with other students from different programs, and have made life long friends. The best trips were the walk of the Mosseratte as all students were able to motivate each other to ensure that we finished the walk, in addition to the field visits like the military base that had been attacked by the FARC. Other exclusions included the graffiti tour, learning Spanish and salsa to familiarize us with the culture in Bogotá

    Three weeks studying at one of the best university’s in Colombia has made me value education. All of these experiences has allowed me to embrace Colombia’s rich culture.
    I would like to thank Red Tree study for the opportunity and will definitely be back.
  • Amazing Opportunity

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2018

    Submitted by: Jonathan

    University: University of Leicester

    Studying abroad is one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had, being able to full immerse myself in a country’s culture and history has given me a context to political issues that purely class room based learning could not provide. I have become fascinated by the different cultural perspectives studying in Colombia has given me.
    The academic content offered in the programme featured lectures from a wide variety of fields which provided an extremely well rounded and comprehensive analyses of the varies issues.

    Being taught by academics and people closely affected by the conflict was a privilege. The course offered the perfect mixture of theoretical and practical content that meant I was always intellectually stimulated and never bored. My favourite early experience of Colombia was the opportunity to have a Conversation with two MA Peace Student who were also ex-combatants that had fought on separate sides of the conflict. Hearing their personal stories was an incredible experience that really made me aware of the human scale of the conflict. The fact they had fought on opposite sides was also very touching, it emphasised that while their stories and motivations were very different they still had an enormous amount in common. This really highlighted the processes of reconciliation going on currently in Colombia.

    Overall this experience has been eye opening and mentally stimulating.
  • Peacebuilding in Colombia - a unique once in a lifetime education!

    Course: Peacebuilding in Colombia Year: 2

    Submitted by: Gareth Axenderrie

    University: Cardiff University

    If you’re interested in politics, people or international relations, it simply doesn’t get better than this course!

    Three weeks studying at one or Colombia’s top universities, being taught by the country’s best academics is just the start. Excursions and field visits to places like the FARC’s demilitarised camp and the country’s centre for victims takes you to the people who have experienced the conflict. Ex child soldiers, demobilised combatants, military personal, government staff.

    Outside of the course, Bogota is a sensational assault on the senses, and Colombia on the whole is a treasure chest of hidden gems!

    I coupled up my peacebuilding course with one of Red Tree’s Spanish courses in Cartagena which opened up the whole of the north of the country to me.

    I cannot thank Red Tree Study enough for this outstanding opportunity.

  • Life Changing Experience

    Course: Film Internships in Colombia Year: 2017

    Submitted by: Brendan Weaver

    University: Syracuse University

    My time with RedTree Study was truly life changing. I learned so much about myself within the 6 weeks I spent in Colombia. I never thought that one day I'd be translating full Spanish scripts into English in an almost only Spanish speaking office. Or running off an Andes mountain in the coffee region as I paraglided across the vibrant green valleys. Or even attending the Bogotá Audiovisual Market or white water rafting through the rapids of northern Bogotá. If I could go back to Colombia with RedTree I would in a heart beat, without a doubt. I have learned so much about the international film community and gained life long friendships through this program.
  • Film Internship Program 2017

    Course: Film Internships in Colombia Year: 2017

    Submitted by: Kristin

    University: University of South Carolina

    I have nothing but good things to say about the film internship program through Red Tree Study! Leading up to the trip, the Red Tree team was so thorough in sending me all the details about the program, housing accommodations, general schedule, and connecting me with my specific work assignment. This level of care continued throughout the entire 6 weeks in Colombia, with the warm welcome they gave me at the airport to giving us travel and city tips to weekly check-ins at the office to ensure we were gleaning everything possible from our internship experiences.

    In addition to our internships, every weekend Red Tree planned incredible excursions that allowed us to interact with the students in the other programs as well. My favorite excursion was a full weekend trip to Salento, the coffee-region of Colombia, where we went hiking, visited a coffee farm, and even (for the brave of heart among us) paraglided over the mountain range there. Among our other excursions included white water rafting, hiking to one of the tallest waterfalls in South America, learning to Salsa, and taking a graffiti tour to orient us to the city.

    All of these experiences allowed us to soak up all of the natural beauty and rich culture Colombia has to offer. Thank you, Red Tree Study, for an incredible summer. Counting down the days until I return to Colombia again!
  • Colombia was life changing!

    Course: Film Internships in Colombia Year: 4th

    Submitted by: Tim Merasty

    University: University of Regina

    I had one of the best experiences of my life in Colombia. Being a part of the Film Internship program with Red Tree Study was so much fun and I was able to get a grasp of what small independent film production companies go through on a daily basis. Working with Proyeccion I was able to help with pre production on a few of their upcoming projects and I hope to see the finished films in the future. My time in Bogota was short but very educational, wonderful, amazing, almost any positive adjective you can think of really. My favorite part was our weekend trip to Salento where we got to Paraglide with professionals, it was my first time ever doing something like that and I'm so happy I did it. I loved all the events we got to do with the other program participants like the graffiti tour and scavenger hunt. I'm never going to forget this time of my life and the awesome people I got to meet. I would highly recommend this program if you're thinking about it.

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