Film Internships in Colombia Review

IMG_3497In this week’s blog post three of our 2019 film interns share their experiences, thoughts, and highlights of their time working for film companies and living in Bogota (and the Colombian jungle!)

All three interns had great experiences in Colombia, and they learned a lot, not only in their placements but also through their interactions with locals and the other Red Tree Study program participants. Together, they enjoyed walks to Monserrate and Choachi, dancing salsa, playing tejo and tasting different kinds of fruit.

Even though they were in the same Red Tree Study program each intern’s experience in Colombia was very unique!! Read on to find out more. 

Filming in the Colombian Jungle 

AJ, a filmmaker and photographer with a love of cinematic sports and nature storytelling, was motivated to come to Colombia by many professional as well as personal goals. He reconnected with his family in Colombia while accepting a challenging professional experience with a well-known film company. During his film internship in the jungle he was able to make connections with a highly experienced team and learned everything from production to post-production, sound, camera moves and how to set up a whole show. This was a valuable experience for his future career as he was able to get involved and learn different aspects of filming.

With the Red Tree Study team and with the other participants he felt at home and appreciates the opportunity to make connections and interact with people from all over the world!

From the Jungle to Bogota 

Conor, a Film and Media student from Tufts university interned with Proyeccion, a well-known Colombian film company. As part of his internship Conor read, critically analyzed and provided feedback on scripts to the directors, became acquainted with the inner workings of a film company and worked closely with the director and manager of the film company, all while improving upon his Spanish.

During his stay in Colombia he was also able to experience Bogota to its fullest. Red Tree Study arranged for Conor to attend BAM (Bogota Audiovisual Market), the most important film festival in Colombia. At the festival he networked with filmmakers from New York whom he later visited at their US headquarters. He believes this festival is an event every intern should attend. After exploring many parts of the city Conor found the Candelaria, and its impressive culinary and cultural scene. His favorite restaurant was Origen Bistro thanks to its amazing stake and tinto campesino.

From the Jungle to Bogota to the North Coast 

Alexi is also a Film and Media Studies student at Tufts University. She came to Colombia and spent some time in Bogota before traveling to her placement in the North Coast. She was involved in the production and post-production, or a high-profile US TV show. She developed her understanding of various tasks on-set and who was in charge of what and how are the different roles while filming distributed. Her mentors and the whole crew trusted her and gave her interesting tasks that she didn’t imagine she would have the chance to do while being an intern! They put a lot of effort into teaching her, and used what they called the “learning moments” to explain to her in great detail techniques and what skills where required when shooting!!!

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