Student Community

Javeriana’s incredibly welcoming faculty and student body make it a home away from home for its students that come from all areas of the country and world to study here.

From teachers to students, security guards to restaurant staff, everyone on campus contributes to the  sense of community that PUJ maintains in one of the largest and most international cities in Latin America.  People look out for one another and are particularly attentive to taking care of the school.  

Recycling cans are accessible throughout campus and are widely used by the environmentally savvy student body.  If lost items are found on campus, students take pictures of them and post them to a facebook group in hopes that the owner will recover them.  The saying “Javeriano ayuda a Javeriano” (Javerianos help Javerianos) rings entirely true, and that mantra is extended to all international students who join the student community.

On campus, there are opportunities to join a variety of student clubs during the academic year ranging from Salsa dancing and LGBTQ rights to social work and meditation.  There’s even a student group dedicated to taking care of the university’s three campus cats that can be found roaming the grounds.  Javeriana has a monthly calendar of cultural events that are perfect places for meeting new people and getting in contact with the student body’s talent in the arts.   

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