Sara Monroy

Peacebuilding Program Coordinator

Sara is a student at Universidad de los Andes, where she is pursuing a bachelors degree in business administration, and finishing her bachelors degree in anthropology. Her principal academic interests lie in cultural management and sustainability, especially in how communities build their relations between each other and how this affects their relationship with nature.
In her free time she enjoys hiking mountains and natural parks and walking with her dog. Besides that, she likes reading and cooking vegetarian dishes.

She would like to change the representation of Colombia in the international sphere, which is commonly related to illicit drugs and¬†narcotrafficking. During her time as part of the Red Tree Study team, she is excited about meeting people from all around the world, to practice her English and to learn about different people’s life experiences.

She is looking forward to welcoming you to her university, and to sharing her local tips!