The University Campus

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana is home to state of the art facilities.  

PUJ students are very proud of their beautiful campus of recently renovated modern buildings that are interspersed with numerous outdoor green spaces and cafes for studying and relaxing.  Wifi is accessible all over campus which makes it easy to work from whichever study space you find most enjoyable, whether that be a nook in the basement of the library or a grassy area situated up in the hills as the campus extends into the mountains overlooking the city.  

Javeriana’s hospital is one of the most prestigious in the city.  It has an excellent reputation for its high quality staff, many of whom are direct graduates from the PUJ medical school.

The university library is one of biggest in Latin America and consists of nine floors, each with a different set-up to accommodate varying student preferences (ie. group study areas, individual computers, individual desks).  Five of the floors are dedicated to the university’s book collection and student study spaces. One of the basement floors is a library dedicated solely to newspapers. This is where you can find an expansive range of multimedia sources and magazines written by PUJ faculty and beyond. There’s a lot of history here; you can find “Papel Politicos” (the Political Sciences faculty’s research magazine) that go back decades.  Another one of the basement floors is a relaxation space perfect for a break from studying; there are six Xbox consoles and eight TVs for those who need a change of scenery and rest.  There’s also a cafeteria that provides obligatory study snacks with a Colombian spin: coffee, empanadas, and milo (a chocolate drink that can be prepared hot like a hot chocolate or cold like a chocolate shake).

Across campus, you can find a variety of food options ranging from cafes with coffee and pastries to sandwich stands and burrito bars.  One of the more popular options is the restaurant, Teppanyaki, which specializes in Asian fusion bowls of rice, vegetables, and seafood.

PUJ’s gym offers spaces for any type of physical activity you can think of.  It’s very spacious and has an entire floor dedicated to cardio machines.  There’s a terrace used for stretching and pilates, courts for squash, basketball, volleyball, and soccer games, and spaces for tae-kwon-do, dance classes, and weight lifting.  PUJ has two soccer fields open for any student who wants to organize a game.

PUJ’s most recent addition to its facilities is the Arts Center which opened last year.  It’s home to a number of classrooms, individual rooms for musical training, and performance venues.  Often times, it hosts presentations of student art theses and galleries.   

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