Lenora Quinonez

Peacebuilding, Welfare and Media Coordinator

Lenora first visited Colombia as one of the original Peacebuilding in Colombia students when the program was launched in 2016. Red Tree Study is delighted to welcome her back as part of the staff team! She is excited to be back in Colombia and see how the program has grown.

Born and raised in California, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Latino and Latin American Studies from the University of Southern California. Her interest in Latin American matters has seen her working at the Salvadoran Consulate, as a law intern for the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) in Los Angeles, and most recently as a Spanish Translator and Video Editor for the USC Shoah Foundation, an organization focused on building audiovisual repositories of history through testimonies of survivors of genocide. She is interested in the intersection of the arts and culture in diplomacy and also the formation of cultural identity in diaspora communities with particular attention to Central America. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, playing chess, and watching movies.

Lenora is here to help with any program related enquiries, and may also be in touch from time to time with some photo or social media requests!