Juan Manuel Jaramillo

Urban Transformation Coordinator

Born and raised in Medellin, the city of eternal spring, Juan Manuel is a 5th year architecture Student at UPB. He is passionate about the cultural heritage of his birthplace and is always open and willing to share the true Colombian experience with foreigners.

In 2017 he traveled to Italy to enrich his studies in architecture while learning a new language and spreadingColombian happiness through Europe! He also joined the Italian architecture studio Degli Esposti as an intern for six months in 2018. Now back at UP he is finishing his thesis about the local architectural heritage in Medellin. He is learning some French and preparing himself for a future adventure in France. He is also looking forward to sharing some good salsa moves and other wonders of his culture with most people around the world especially with this year’s Urban Transformation students who are his special guests.