Isaac Levi

Peacebuilding Program Coordinator

Coming to the end of his degree of studying Economics and Spanish at UCL, Isaac couldn’t have been more excited to travel and work in Colombia. In spite of spending four months travelling around South America in the past, he didn’t have the opportunity to experience and discover the wonders of Colombia, which is one of the main reasons he wanted to come back and undertake the opportunity to work there with Red Tree Study.

The Peacebuilding in Colombia program combines his interests in politics, international development, international relations, travel and his desire to learn another language whilst discovering a unique culture. He is a massive football fan (and is looking forward to cheering for Colombia during the Copa America as part of the social calendar!) He loves music (although he thinks that he’ll need to work on his dancing to keep up with the pace in Colombia!)  He is super excited to discover the wonderful cuisine, music and more importantly to meet an amazing bunch of international people in his role as Peacebuilding in Colombia Coordinator this summer.