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Upcoming UK University visits

Cardiff University Global Opportunities FairNext week we’ll be visiting various university campuses throughout the UK, so come and chat to us to find out more about your summer study options for 2018!

On Monday 16th October, we’ll be at QMUL’s 2017 Go Abroad Fair – read the full details here.

On Tuesday 17th October, we are visiting the University of Bristol’s Global Opportunities Fair – find out more here.

On Wednesday 18th, we are at Cardiff University, and will be returning to the city for the Global Opportunities Fair on at the Student’s Union from 12-5 on Wednesday 29th November as well. (more…)

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Apply now for Peacebuilding in Colombia 2018

Peacebuilding Course Flyer 2018 We are now accepting applications for our 2018 Peacebuilding in Colombia academic summer course at Universidad de Los Andes. The course has sold out quickly for the last two years so we recommend that you send your application soon to avoid disappointment!

The program is run by the world-renowned Political Science department, and explores the recent history of the Colombian conflict and the present challenges of peacebuilding in the country at this important time as the recent peace agreement is implemented. To find out more, or to request information about how to apply, please contact us.

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My ‘Peacebuilding in Colombia’ experience

Sandra RianoThis week’s blog article is a guest post from Sandra Riano, one of this year’s Peacebuilding in Colombia program participants. Sandra talks about what she has learnt from the program, and the amazing people that she was introduced to during the course, including two ex-combatants who are now studying for their Masters degrees and Universidad de Los Andes, members of President Santos’ Communications Team, and ex FARC and ELN members who discussed their recent experiences of conflict in Colombia and the recent peace process. (more…)

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Film Internships 2017 Photo Gallery!

In Bogota's famous Plaza de Bolivar.To learn more about what our Film Internship Program offers, check out this photo gallery that shows just some of the activities that our summer 2017 Film Interns took part in. You’ll find some pictures of them working on set, filming interviews on location, visiting the Bogota Audiovisual Market, and at their film company offices and warehouses. And then there are the social activities – this year’s Film Interns went paragliding, took part in the Bogota Graffiti tour, went whitewater rafting, and trekked to Colombia’s highest waterfall at Choachi.

For more information about the placements available for our 2018 Film Internship Program, and how you can apply to gain practical work experience in Colombia’s film industry, please click here or email us.

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Salsa: A Recipe for Dancing

Salsa in ColombiaTo be Colombian is to salsa. For foreigners striving for complete cultural immersion, dancing salsa is the right of passage to adopting the gold, red, and blue as one’s adoptive flag. In Colombian terms, how someone dances salsa is a sure indicator of where they’re from. Bogotanos make fun of gringos for not being able to dance, Costeños (people from the coast) make fun of Bogotanos for having two left feet, and, ultimately, Caleños (people from Cali) make fun of everyone because no one quite dances like a Caleño. (more…)

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Community Health 2017 Photo Gallery!

Ready to paraglide during the weekend excursion to Salento!We’ve gathered some of the best pictures from this year’s Community Health and Family Medicine in Colombia program, which was taught at Universidad de La Sabana recently. Our students visited community projects in Tenjo, the university’s Clinic in Chia, climbed waterfalls at Choachi and went paragliding in the Coffee Region! You can access the photo gallery here. For any questions about the course, or our programs for 2018 and beyond, please do get in touch.

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There’s no Decaf in Colombia

Visit a Coffee FincaCafé, latte, macchiato, espresso, cappuccino, however you like it, coffee is the crutch of the modern world. It drives the commercial world forward past 2:00 pm slumps as businessmen double down on espresso shots before returning to work, and simultaneously has the magical capacity to warm the hands and souls of friends crouching over mugs on a chilly day at the coffee shop. (more…)

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Into the Wild: Colombian Edition

Picking Coffee SalentoThis summer, hiking boots, raincoats and water bottles have been essential gear for the Red Tree Study experience. We’ve gone far beyond Bogotá’s city limits to Choachi, Tobia, and the Coffee Region’s Salento to embrace the great outdoors through white water rafting, a hike to Colombia’s tallest waterfall, and paragliding over beautiful pastures. (more…)

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Film Interns attend the BAM

Bogota Audiovisual MarketAs part of our 2017 Film Internship Program, our film interns attended the Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM), a prestigious annual event run by Proimagenes, the Colombian Film Commission, in the Bogotá each year. The event brings together film industry experts from around the world, to promote and discuss the growth of the Colombian production industry. (more…)

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