Experience Medellin

Colombia’s second largest city has been praised by the international community as having made one of the most impressive urban turnarounds in modern history. Awarded the title of the world’s most ‘innovative city’ in 2013, Medellin is a beautiful, safe and exciting environment in which to learn Spanish. Nicknamed ‘city of eternal spring’; Medellin enjoys a warm and mild climate year-round,  surrounded on all sides by rugged peaks and lush green forests, it’s the perfect base for those who enjoy the great outdoors.The city itself is also full to the brim with green spaces and hosts a multitude of outdoor cultural events including the impressive annual Feria de las Flores (The Flower Festival) which takes place over ten days and brings, what feels like the entire city, to the streets to celebrate in true Colombian style! With a nightlife that rivals that of Bogota, the city’s Zona Rosa is a hive of lively bars, restaurants and dance spots where you can mix with the locals and get a taste of the genuine warmth and kindness that Colombians are famed for.

Below you’ll find a collection of our favourite things to do and places to stay in Medellin. If you’d like to know more or think we’ve missed something great, let us know!