Screen Colombia

Screen Colombia specialises in providing English speaking international production services to television and film producers from Europe and North American who want to film in Colombia. We work with production companies and broadcasters including the BBC, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, Endemol, IWC Media, Raw TV, Renegade and Blink Films amongst others.

Our work is varied and is office based as well as on set or on location. Work is project based and our clients’ requirements vary in complexity and demands. A typical project at Screen Colombia includes marketing our services and pitching Colombia as a location, assisting with research and development of projects, organising databases, location scouting, budgeting the local production costs, organising and managing logistical aspects such as transport, accommodation, catering and security, coordinating all local cast, crew and filming permissions as well as assisting with running the local production.

Job description

This is an ideal position for someone interested in production as either a field producer, line producer, production assistant or production manager.

At Screen Colombia we recognise the importance of hands-on experience and we are looking for an intern who is keen to get involved with all elements of a production. Applicants should have confidence to take on new challenges and manage a variety of tasks in a fast-paced production environment.

Our client list and schedule is constantly evolving, so we can’t tell you at this stage exactly which elements of production you will be handling, but we do know that it will provide you with exciting practical experience of the industry.

Person specification

  • Understanding or experienced of film production, either office based and/or in the field

  • Well organised with an attention to detail

  • A good communicator

  • Familiar with databases, social media networking, Microsoft office and MM budgeting

  • Able to visualise the requirements of a shoot

  • Knowledgeable about crewing departments and how a shoot operates

  • Flexible in their approach to work

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