Lulo Films

Lulofilms is an award winning production company based in Bogota (Colombia), Los Angeles (USA) and Toronto (Canada). We create content for film, television and new media. During our seven years of existence, we have worked with the most prestigious broadcasters and production companies around the world, including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, Mun2, TV5 Monde, HBO, France O and  The National Film Board of Canada.

LuloFilms has a versatile multilingual team distributed among numerous countries. We produce feature films, factual entertainment and documentaries with high impact stories. Political leaders, law enforcers, victims and even criminals have been portrayed in the productions created by LuloFilms. Our films and television shows have played around the world, achieving large audiences. Additionally they have been shown in dozens of international festivals garnering awards and recognition.

LuloFilms productions are constantly recognised in the press for their quality, in-depth analysis and the originality of our themes. The LuloFilms brand is synonymous with high production value and bold story telling.

Job description

Lulo Films offer this exciting opportunity to get involved in a diverse range of roles within their dynamic team. We are looking for someone interested in audiovisual, with knowledge of audiovisual production for cinema or television, or new audiovisual languages.

During your Internship, you will participate in the development, production and postproduction projects that are in process at Lulo Films.

You will undertake thematic research to develop original content for productions assigned by the Producer. You may also transcribe and organize materials from audiovisual projects running during your Internship programme.

Depending on your knowledge and skills set, you may also work on specific projects related to editing, graphic design or document design.

Person specification

  • Knowledge and understanding of audiovisual production and/or new audiovisual languages
  • A strong commitment to work, and ambition to make significant contribution to the performance in different activities
  • We value adaptability, and the desire to learn new skills and take on different tasks
  • Experience of video editing programmes such as Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop is desirable and will help the selected candidate to get the most out of their internship programme
  • Language requirements: English is essential, and the candidate should have at least a basic knowledge of Spanish and a desire to learn.

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