Antorcha Films

We have produced more than 10 national and international films, including:

• Dog Eat Dog (2006). • Dr. Aleman (2007). • Hiroshima (2008). • Patas Arriba (2010). • Sin Otoño y sin Primavera. • Inkisi Children (2009). • Anina (2013). • Chocó(2012), Johnny Hendrix debut. • Deshora (2014).

We have worked with co-producers in USA, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, France, Ecuador, and Venezuela, among others. Most of our productions have received international awards and funds. Currently we are working on the post-production of “Breathe” and “Saudó,” two films directed by Jhonny Hendrix. In production we have “The Confidant,” winner in Colombia of the documentary film production fund 2014 (FDC). And in development we have seven projects: Candelaria (winner of the fiction film production fund 2015 (FDC), Clitoris, Scribe of Uraba, Lefty, I Said Goodbye, Broca and The Troop.

ANTORCHA FILMS also has investigation and social impact projects. These projects are designed to develop creative strategies based in art and cinematography to help vulnerable communities that relate to our movies’ main themes. We have Atarraya Itinerante, a cinematographic school that teaches with workshops in susceptible areas all about film theory and practice so they can tell their own stories by this way. Through this project our students have realized their owns short films that are upload in Atarraya web page, and also have formed a film club in their region, with our support. Additionally we have more social projects in development.

Job description

Antorcha Films offers the intern to be part of a friendly, motivated, small and super dedicated team. We are looking especially for someone who is interested in audiovisual, social investigation and project development. During the internship you will work mainly on the development of the projects in process, but you will also have the opportunity to be part of the production and postproduction stages.

You will take the topics and thematic research to develop original content for our production assigned by the producers or the development coordinator. You may also help in the transcription and organization of the audiovisual material from projects during your internship. Depending on your knowledge and skills, you will have the opportunity to work in specific areas such as editing or graphic design.

We believe we offer the intern many enriching experiences that will be a great complement for their professional life. These experiences are unique in their social impact. We hope that they will feel passionate and in love with our projects, and be part of the dreams and ideas we have here.

To conclude we highlight that the intern may also be able to pitch their own ideas to Antorcha Films work team. And if it is possible, with our help and support the intern can be develop it during the internship as well.

Person specification

Art, Film Communication or anthropology background

Interest in social projects and culture

Interests and skills in investigation and research

Skills in editing programs such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Proactive, creative and desire to learn

Passionate about the Film industry

A basic knowledge of Spanish, Fluency in English

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