The Holiday season in Colombia

natilla y buñuelosThis week’s article is from our resident Colombian, Daniela, who shares some of her country’s holiday traditions!
“Every country has different Christmas traditions and Colombia has a some amazing ones. We sure have plenty to choose from but all Colombians can agree that this top 10 are the most important ones of the season.

  1. The holiday season officially begins with Dia de las Velitas. A national holiday in which is tradition to light candles in the entrance of the house to lit the way for Virgin Mary into the home.
  2. Keep in mind that Christmas is celebrated on the 24th, not the 25th of December.
  3. Buñuelos (cheese fritters) and Natilla (type of Colombian flan or pudding) are a must.
  4. When we say “play some Christmas music”, we don’t mean Christmas Carols, we mean Los 50 de Joselito or Rodolfo Aicardi. Give this playlist a try, it already smells like grandma’s kitchen! 
  5. Santa’s Sleigh? Nope, we build a Pesebre, a nativity scene to represent the birth of Jesus.
  6. The Novena is the perfect excuse to meet up in the middle of the week. Friends and family gather together to do 9 days of prayers and singing prior Christmas day, usually in front of the pesebre.
  7. Snacks after the Novena better be good.
  8. Santa Claus? Nope, it’s Baby Jesus who brought me the gifts this year!
  9. Treat yourself, treat your friends, treat everyone with mini buñuelos! It’s every well appreciated.
  10. Tamal, hallaca, calentao, arroz con pollo or sancocho are perfect comfort foods for the holidays.

This is Colombia in a nutshell and we are happy to share our traditions with everyone. After all, this is a time to give and enjoy some quality time with your love ones. Feliz navidad, everyone!”

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