Charlotte & Ella Interview @ Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM) festival2

Film interns attend BAM 2018

Charlotte & Ella Interview @ Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM) festival2The Bogotá Audiovisual Market, commonly known as “BAM,” is an annual film festival that takes place in Colombia’s capital.  It is a unique space to meet writers, directors, producers, and others within both the national and international industry. BAM offers unparalleled opportunities to augment one’s professional network, to keep up with trends in the market, and learn from professionals with years of experience.

FIlm Interns at Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM) 2018 festival2From demonstrations of Virtual Reality to themed lectures, 2018 Red Tree Study film interns indulged in the opportunity to live the latest technology and gain insight from experienced professionals in the business.  Themes of BAM charlas, or talks, this year ranged from “How to Get the Most Exposure for your Film” to “After #metoo: Diversity Matters!” to “Stories with History: Why Animate them?”.  In between relishing the networking opportunities, lectures, and demonstrations, 2018 RTS film interns couldn’t help but savor the food trucks within the festival as well.  From the interns’ thirst to expand their knowledge of film to their taste for Colombian gastronomy, BAM satisfied. Clearly, Red Tree Study if already looking forward to BAM 2019.

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