Film Interns in the Colombian Kitchen

Colombian KitchenThis summer session, Red Tree Study’s film interns have embarked on a multitude of social, cultural activities to dive deep into Colombian culture. One of our recent highlights introduced our participants to arguably the most important component of a complete immersive experience: gastronomy.

After a day in the office, interns and RTS staff met at a quaint colonial style three-story house in the Teusaquillo neighborhood of Bogota to unmask the secrets of cooking Colombian style. Our guide, Diana, walked us through the basic steps to create a delicious dinner of patacones (smashed, fried plantains) with ahogado (a tomato/onion based salsa), empanadas with guacamole, and salpicón (think a smoothie with chunky pieces of fruit). The activity was very well organized with all ingredients laid out beforehand, so that we were able to jump in (literally- see the picture) to cooking.

Film students cook empanadasStudents started off by embracing the interactive experience of stepping on fried plantains, which become patacones once they have been flattened and fried once again. They chopped mangos, strawberries, bananas, and papaya into small pieces to bring together the deliciously refreshing salpicón drink. They triumphed in the preparation of guacamole and applied their artistic talent into shaping empanadas. By the end of the experience, we confirmed our suspicion that the key to cooking Colombian style is using fresh ingredients and handling a frying pan. While empanadas and patacones may not be the healthiest foods to indulge in, we are collectively very enthusiastic to bring these tasty treats and our newfound cooking knowledge back home to share with family and friends.

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