Dan’s experience in Colombia!


We always enjoy hearing the highlights of our students’ time in Colombia. Dan, a former student from the 2018 Peacebuilding program, shares his experience with us. Take a look!

“As my time at Red Tree’s “Peacebuilding in Colombia” program draws to an end, I feel both grateful and delighted for what I have learnt about conflict and peace process in Colombia. Although the peace process is innately complex, involving many actors and judicial mechanisms, the course has enabled me to better understand these dynamics through its two-part structure consisting of morning lectures and afternoon field visits. While the lectures provide a historical and theoretical background to each facet of the conflict and peace process, the field visits have offered an on-the-ground perspective. In this sense, they were often complimentary and it was interesting to see how peacebuilding has been implemented in the practice. For example, the rip to the UN Verification Mission in Colombia gave me an insight into how the peace process has been implemented between the Government of Colombia and The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) under the 2016 peace Havana agreement.”

“I have also been particularly impressed by how no-partisan the course is, as it has given me the opportunity to engage in conversations with all the major actors involved in the conflict, from former guerrilla combatants like FARC-EP, to ex-paramilitary members and the Colombian Armed Forces, to name a few. As such, I have been able to explore the human dimensions of the conflict through a neutral lens by getting an insight into what life was like during and after the conflict and how former combatants have been able to reintegrate into Colombian society.”

When we asked him about his general experience in Colombia, including our social activities, he said:

“In terms of the social and cultural activities, the program offers a nice mix of extracurricular activities like salsa classes, football games and a party bus. I was really keen to try my hand at salsa which I found surprisingly straightforward to do the basic steps, however, to do it well more practice is needed.”

Just like Dan, new students will have an amazing experience this summer in Colombia!

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