Torre Seneca 1

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Torre Seneca 6At Red Tree Study, we want our students to feel at home in Colombia as much as possible and we are very excited to extend our partnership with Universidad de los Andes by housing all of our participants at the fantastic Torre Séneca, the university’s modern accommodation whose green and blue towers can be spotted from anywhere in the city center. Each student will live in the cozy comforts of an individual room situated within a four-person suite complete with a shared common space, cooking area, and an impressive city view.

The Los Andes campus is surrounded by greeneryOur students will have access to all of the center’s facilities which include study rooms, recreation spaces with ping pong tables and vending machines, relaxation rooms equipped with TVs for movie watching and videogames, and a renovated gym with treadmills, ellipticals, TRX, and weight machines. The housing units make up the greater ‘City U’ Center which includes a variety of cafes and restaurants (including vegetarian options) along with a grocery store, pharmacy, and ATM- really anything that a student could possibly need.

The Los Andes campusThis space is perfect for retiring after a day filled with classes and adventures exploring the pinnacle of Colombian culture flowing through the museums, bars, restaurants, and theaters of the city center. Torre Séneca provides the perfect location to take advantage of Bogota’s diverse cultural offerings while also serving as a quiet oasis to regenerate with some quality rest after a busy day.

We are looking forward to our stay already!

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