Why Colombia?

1CA38013-06D9-40FA-B2F1-D972E71F1423Colombia is a stunningly beautiful country, famous for its mountainous cities, Amazon rainforests, white sand beaches, and the rolling green mountains of the coffee region. It shares a border with five countries (Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela) and yet also offers over 3,200 kilometres of coastline spanning the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The second most biodiverse country in the world, it is home to 14% of the world’s total flora and fauna varieties.

In common with many of its Latin American neighbours, Colombia faces some significant challenges that include balancing preservation of its unique and biodiverse landscapes with tackling poverty and income inequality within its population. Following the 2016 peace agreement which followed more than fifty years of internal conflict, the country has also been focusing on peacebuilding as its  society negotiates a future free from armed conflict.

At Red Tree Study, our academic courses are designed to encourage scholarship of Colombia within the context of the country’s unique culture and recent social and political developments. We work in partnership with Colombia’s top universities to explore the social impact of the conflict in the country and the recent peace process there. Our programs are immersive and interactive, engaging voices from many different communities within Colombia to foster open debate and inspire academic research.

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About Us

At Red Tree Study, we are passionate about Colombia. Our friendly, international team have all lived, worked, travelled and studied there. We use our expertise to make sure that our students have an incredible study abroad experience.

Since it was founded in 2012 by two Bristol University graduates, Red Tree Study has been working with the top language schools and universities in Colombia to develop high quality courses. We know that there are many elements to a great study abroad experience, and that fantastic academic provision and support is key to making the most of your time abroad. When you book a Spanish language course, internship or summer program with us, you can have confidence in its excellent quality.

We provide guidance and support to our students before they travel to Colombia, and are always available to help whilst they are there – from the smallest enquiry to the grandest travel plans! Our programs are supplemented by a range of social and cultural activities, handpicked by our team to encourage students to explore Colombia, one of the world’s most beautiful countries!

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